Abcd Trading Pattern

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Once prices have stabilized in the reversal zone – enter the trade. Wait for the price to stabilize in the harmonic reversal zone. As we’ll see in the later examples the BC projection level and the AB-CD projection level should fall in close proximity to each other thus giving the harmonic reversal zone.

abcd pattern trading

Once it squeezed through its all- high of $17.24 in the morning, it rallied all the way to $24.93. If the stock breaks your risk level, get out immediately. It’s also ideal if it’s in a hot sector, has a low float, and has news to boot.

Triple tops are formed when the market tests a resistance level 3 times and fails to break higher. There are various chart patterns that you will come across when trading and the ABCD pattern is just one of them. This particular pattern is a simple but effective one that can be used to identify potential reversals in the market. In this article, we will take a closer look at what the ABCD pattern is, how to identify it and what are the benefits of using it.


The ABCD pattern is a simple price chart pattern that is distinguished by the presence of two equal-length price legs. It is the first and most accurate harmonic pattern for predicting when a stock’s price is likely to shift direction. As a result, the AB CD trading pattern, which is without a doubt one of the most powerful patterns in the stock market, was born. Technical analysis is the first step in learning how to trade this price chart pattern. It consists of two equivalent price legs and helps the trader identify when the currency price is going to change directions.

Average True RangeAverage True Range helps in identifying how much a currency pair price has fluctuated. This, in turn, helps traders confirm price levels at which they can enter or exit the market and place stop-loss orders according to the market volatility. One of the most classic chart patterns, the ABCD pattern represents the perfect harmony between price and time. It can be used to identify trading opportunities in the Forex market, weighing the risks and rewards before making a trade, and it can even form the basis for other patterns. No. 1 in Figure 4 shows the previous ABC pattern failure. Those who entered the counter-trend C short to the right would exit the trade at this point at No. 1.

Larry’s library of books and trading systems has been accumulated over the past 5 decades. Larry has written 9 books on trading ranging in subjects from Astro Harmonic phenomena, Pattern Recognition swing trading and Artificial Intelligence. He currently trades for a Hedge Fund and mentors private students on a one on one basis only. C can be a 1.00 retracement of the AB leg, this is a rare pattern and a double top or bottom, but it is a valid pattern. The Money Flow Index can analyse the volume and price of currency pairs in the market.

If a stock is creating a “BC” leg into resistance at a moving average like the 20, it could signal an entry. The breakout would then become an add-on entry point, as seen in the example above. You should also take note of the candlestick patterns that form at the D reversal area. We’ve written extensively about bullish candlestick patterns and bearish candlestick patterns, so be sure to check those links out. You can set trading alerts to receive a notification when the market conditions change from the A leg of the cycle so that you don’t miss an opportunity to take a position.

What is the ABCD chart pattern and how do you trade with it?

Each pattern leg is typically within a range of 3-13 bars/candles on any given timeframe, although patterns may be much larger than 13 periods on a given timeframe. Traders may interpret this as a sign to move to a larger timeframe in which the pattern does fit within this range to check for trend/Fibonacci convergence. Convergence of several patterns—within the same timeframe, or across multiple timeframes–provide a stronger trade signal. Providing you with the most comprehensive charting tools and a reliable platform with fast execution. As with any pattern, only trade the best setups and at the right time of day. So, for every ABCD setup, consider whether that’s a reasonable target.

A second disadvantage stems from the fact that stock price moves are rarely as neat and precise as those shown in our images of the ABCD pattern. Therefore, the price movement within the pattern may vary a bit, making it harder to identify. Likewise, the bullish version of the ABCD pattern may incorrectly signal the end of a downtrend.

  • In this way, you will never miss a good investment opportunity.
  • A closer look at the business and financial position of The NFT Gaming Company Inc.
  • The ABCD pattern is easy to spot in various markets, in any market condition, and on any timeframe.
  • These are times when there is a high likelihood of the market moving in your favor.
  • With this example, you have the CD forming a perfect bear flag pattern.

You should only enter your trade when the market conditions are favorable. For example, if the RSI is overbought, it’s a good time to enter your trade. The first thing that you need to do is trade in line with the trend.

ABCD Chart Pattern Clip from Tandem Trader

Again, the equity would backtrack to put in another A before the uptrend resumed. Novak developed his own trend bands, but Keltner Channel bands also work quite well. A disadvantage of trading the ABCD pattern is the potential disadvantage common to all technical indicators. The possibility that the pattern may generate a false trading signal is the biggest downside. It requires a minimal amount of trading capital while providing the possibility of a much larger profit if point D does turn out to signal the beginning of a new primary trend.

This prevents chasing a stock and getting shaken out in the midday pullback. You can trade with the ABCD pattern by looking for bullish or bearish reversals. You should enter your trade when the market is in your favor and exit when the market moves against you. In the case of ABCD pattern trading, traders are looking for the key Fibonacci ratio of 61.8%. If that’s the case, traders can use the sequence to predict when to enter or exit their positions by charting the value of D using the Fibonacci sequence.


The price action pattern is a price and time-related technical analysis tool that was originally noted by H.M. Gartley, a technical analyst primarily known for the more complex pattern named after him, the Gartley pattern. The best apps for stock charts support a wide range of technical analysis features like charts, pattern recognition and drawing tools. The biggest pitfall in ABCD pattern trading is seeing an ABCD pattern where there isn’t one. Active stocks that are subject to large swings over a short time period may show indicators of an ABCD pattern.

Understanding Pivot Points

Then, the price falls from B to C and finally rises again from C to D. At this point, when the pattern is confirmed with Fibonacci rules, a reversal is likely to occur. As for stop loss placement, you can place your stop-loss order below the D point as a break below this level invalidates the ABCD pattern. With that in mind, let’s see two examples of the ABCD pattern – bullish and bearish. The Flag pattern, which begins with a flag pole, is an easy way to think about it. The X leg is the flag pole, followed by the ABCD pattern, and finally another flag pole.

It has a high winning percentage and a great risk to reward ratio. It can be used to weigh the risks and benefits of a possible investment before deciding whether or not to go ahead with it. It’s worth noticing that a 0.618 C leg retracement correlates to a 1.618 BC projection, but a 0.786 C leg retracement corresponds to a 1.27 projection. The daily chart of AUDJPY made an ABCD pattern from early September to early November 2020.

A strategy that works for days, weeks, or months is not guaranteed to work forever. When the support and resistance lines cross from the bottom left corner of the chart to the top right corner, the trend indication is bullish. The trend indicator will show support and resistance lines from the top left to the bottom right, indicating a bearish trend. To identify the ABCD pattern’s start and finish locations, ABCDs should have support and resistance. A support or resistance zone should be reached at the end of an impulse leg.

Once you this first leg, you can then anticipate the B to C pullback. To draw it correctly, wait for the top or bottom to form on the B to C pullback, then you can attach this line to the first line you draw from the high of A to the low of B. Lastly, you’ll start your third and final trendline from the high of C to the low of D. We introduce people to the world of trading currencies, both fiat and crypto, through our non-drowsy educational content and tools. We’re also a community of traders that support each other on our daily trading journey. Traders of the harmonic pattern might look for price reversal at point D, to trade with the expectation of a short term rebound on the index.

Since their appearance in 1935, many patterns have undergone some refinement. The inclusion of Fibonacci ratios and projections have added more detail to the specifications. This was one of the primary goals of this article — to shed some light on the perfect ABCD pattern. The longer the timeframe, the better would be the formation of the ABCD pattern. The CD leg should be an extension of AB between 127.2% to 161.8%.

This will help you take profits off the table when the market moves in your favor. For example, you can use a trailing stop loss to lock in profits as the market moves in your favor. Let’s look at one more example of Starbucks Corporation on 16th Dec ’21. The trading process is the same as discussed above but you may ask what if the price didn’t reverse after selling all shares?

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Market Conditions

An aggressive trader may buy after the completion of the bullish engulfing. And a conservative trade may wait longer for the price to cross the resistance line of the pattern and wait for a confirmation. However, as this pattern works in any timeframe, it will be a good additional tool to your trading strategy. Gartley spent several pages referring to these trend lines and parallel lines as excellent signals when used in conjunction with other working tools. He used mainly ratios of one third and half retracements. Price may trade the harmonic reversal zone for a prolonged period of time.

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